FPL Ambassador Sliding Door Lock - Double Keyed (California Classics Replacement)

FPL Ambassador Sliding Door Lock - Double Keyed (California Classics Replacement)

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FPL Ambassador Sliding Door Lock - Double Keyed
(California Classics Replacement)

About this product:

FPL's Ambassador double keyed sliding door lock set is made from solid brass and available in an array of popular finishes. This version is designed as a full replacement for the old California Classics sliding door locks, and replaces the original lock mechanism and trim. The included FPL 560 lock mechanism is the only compatible replacement option that fits the original California Classics door milling. Please see the 'Old Cal Classics Specs' tab to ensure that you have the old style lock set before ordering a replacement. The FPL 560 lock mechanism can also be paired with the Pickfair trim style for a modern trim option.

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 Product Features:
  • Solid brass construction for durability and quality
  • Complete set includes all necessary mounting hardware and accessories
  • Available finishes: Polished Brass (US3), Antique Brass (US5), Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B), Satin Nickel (US15), Pewter (US15A), Polished Chrome (US26), Satin Chrome (US26D), Rustic Distressed Brass (DB), Rustic Distressed Dark Bronze (DDB), Rustic Distressed Light Bronze (DLB), Rustic Distressed Nickel (DN)
  • FPL offers a Lifetime Limited Mechanism Warranty to the original user
  • California Residents Proposition 65 Warning



FPL Ambassador Sliding Door Lock - Double Keyed
(California Classics Replacement) 

About this product:

Traditional Sliding Lock Dimensions

FPL's Ambassador keyed sliding door lock set includes a European profile cylinder and the 560 mortise mechanism that is specifically designed to replace original California Classics sliding door hardware. The double keyed function locks/unlocks the mechanism by a key on the outside and on the inside. The Ambassador style is also available in the single keyed (locks/unlocks with a key on the outside and a thumbturn on the inside) and patio (locks/unlocks with the thumbturn on the inside only) functions specifically for replacing original California Classics sliding door sets. It is also available in the dummy (used on the inactive door when two sliding doors meet in the middle) function. These items are listed separately. 

 Product Specs:

Old California Classics checklist:

Use this checklist to ensure you have the old style lock before ordering a replacement. (Also see "Old Cal Classics Specs" tab)

    • 1" threaded round mortise cylinder
    • Lever below cylinder
    • 3-1/2" cylinder to lever center-to-center (c-t-c)
    • 8-1/4" mechanism front plate with receiver


    Old Cal Classics Specs Sheet


    FPL Ambassador Sliding Door Lock - Double Keyed
    (California Classics Replacement) 

    About this product:

    The Ambassador (California Classics Replacement) sliding door lock set is designed for easy installation. No modification to the original door milling is needed. Surface mount plates install with included finish-matched screws.

     Product Installation:
    • Installation Diagram
    • Surface mount plates with included finish-matched screws
    • No modification to original door milling



    Ordering the correct hardware is occasionally a confusing process. We are ready to assist with any questions you may have. FPL also offers customization, including split finish options, allowing you to create hardware uniquely suited to your home. We would be happy to assist with customization beyond what is offered here. Customer Service is available by phone Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. See the "Support" menu tab above for more information.

    Keying information: If you want to order a set that will work with your existing key, it is important to order the same type of key cylinder, because the keys are not interchangeable. For example, a Schlage C key cannot fit into a Weiser WR5 key cylinder. In addition to matching the key cylinder type, you must also match the key code. If you need assistance in determining your key cylinder type or your key code please take your key to a locksmith or key copy center.

    We also offer the option of ordering sets that are “keyed alike” or “keyed different”. “Keyed alike” means that all sets ordered together will operate with the same key. “Keyed different” means that each set ordered together will operate with its own unique key. If you are ordering multiple keyed products, such as two of the same product with different options or two different products, please include a note with any keying instructions on the Shopping Cart page.

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